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Fantasy Pinup Portrait

All Fantasy and PinUp photos here are of Models who do this for a living.

Great photography,terrific portraits. The kid next door can take your photo with a digital camera and make a print, but is it a Portrait? Probably not.

Have you ever looked at an ad in a magazine and thought that nobody looks that good ? In a Fantasy Portrait you can. Excellent photography followed by some discrete improvements can make you look just as good as the model in the magazine ad. Do you think Leonardo da Vinci painted the daughter of some rich nobel man with her big nose and warts when he painted her portrait, not if he wanted to get paid, he painted a portrait. Everybody was happy, Leonardo got paid, the girl looked great in her portrait, and the nobel patron liked the portrait. Just because digital photography records everything clearly there is no reason you have to live with it. Let Fantasy Portraits give you a portrait the old masters would aprove of.

What's your Fantasy??

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